Everything is an experience

Have you ever deleted an app or left a website because you were frustrated by how to use it? Have you ever found yourself glued to TikTok or the Asos website even though you promised yourself you would spend less time and money there? Why does this happen? Why does one app or website get […]

Outsourcing development: Not what you thought

If you haven’t jumped on the outsourcing bandwagon in recent years, then you may not be familiar with the hot term in software, web, and app development: managed development teams. Developing apps, systems, and software is a complex process that requires a lot of expertise and experience. Many companies choose to build an internal development […]

Technology Project Management: Your Challenge, Our Profession!

Technology project management is a complex and challenging process, involving a wide range of tasks and activities. A technology project manager is responsible for every aspect of the project, from selecting vendors and technologies, through developing the architecture and code, to marketing and deploying the product. Sounds like a serious headache, right? Not when you […]

The Answer is External QA Team!

Startups are young and dynamic companies that are often under constant pressure to innovate and bring new products to market quickly. However, as we all know, once a product is released, the complaints start to come in. That is why many startups have a QA department that is responsible for testing the product before it […]

Site Profiling: Character is Key

Building a website is no easy task. There are many steps involved, from choosing a domain name and server, to designing the site, to programming it. And not only building a website, but also refreshing and upgrading an existing website can be a task that seems fun and easy and ends in swearing. One of […]

Product Architecture: The Foundation of Every Website and App

You are young entrepreneurs with a great idea. You have managed to gather a good team around you, and now the technical person responsible for building your idea comes and starts talking to you about “architecture.” You are confused, with blueprints of buildings and “blueprints” that you saw in renovation plans running through your head. […]