Your Data. Our Brain. One Cloud

Storage, servers and content in one cloud

The Know.IT site is a site for hosting and server services.
The company is active worldwide on several continents. Through a wide deployment of the servers in different points of the world, the company offers different storage services and saving the content is possible from anywhere.

After the company established itself, it decided to come to us to build a new website in order to make the foreign topic accessible to anyone who is not in the field and to allow everyone to customize the services that the company provides. Either private customers who need basic content storage services or large companies who need cloud services and servers to manage the various files and contents.

Use of unique iconization

The accessibility of the information through the creation of a language of icons that communicate with the world of content using a unique color palette adapted to the nature of the brand.

Unique color palette

The world of servers and clouds is an amorphous and intangible world, so in order to create a visually accessible website that would drive action and purchase the product, we had to first choose the colors of the website. Colors that convey technology and innovation.

The choice of the combination of colors creates a language that is pleasing to the eye on the one hand and on the other hand leads the user to understand the content.

The technological challenge

User Experience

The user experience on the website that deals with servers and clouds is particularly important, since the subject is foreign to most customers, therefore in the user experience we put emphasis on making the information accessible in a simple, clear and understandable way in order to bring the customer to assemble a server according to his needs and thus to purchase the product.

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