Online events tickets

Tickets Booking is an interface for ordering tickets to concerts and games around the world.

Tickets Booking is a company that sells tickets for concerts and football games in Israel and around the world.

Today we buy almost everything online but when it comes to buying tickets for events around the world we are a little afraid, is the site reliable? What do I order? Is the price the best? The new website we built makes the experience of ordering tickets online less stressful and even enjoyable. With a full reflection of the ticket that is ordered, from the details of the event to the location of the seat on the map.

On the website you can find extensive information about that event, show or game for which the user wants to buy a ticket and recommendations about shows that take place in the area we checked.

Moving from characterization to product design

User Experience

The process of ordering and purchasing tickets is long and complex, requiring us to find a solution to streamline the process and make the user experience comfortable, simple and enjoyable.

In order to reach this goal, we divided the process into three simple and quick steps. Where at every step the user sees the full details of their reservation, whether it’s the theater map on Broadway or the stadium map in Madrid.

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