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Morel speaker company website

Building an image and sales website for the prestigious speaker company – Morel.

The client came with a desire to modernize the old website, both technologically and design-wise. For this purpose, we created a new language that matches the brand and, in the process, we simplified the purchase funnel and made the product more directly accessible to the user. In the new design for the site we emphasized clean lines, where the design language was characterized by the colors of red, black and white.
The main purpose of the site is to leave an impression on the user, in accordance with the products they sell and in accordance with the target audience of the brand.

The technological challenge

user experiences

As a luxury speaker company, the brand has many types of speakers, with each serving a different purpose, so we wanted to bring this to light in the process of purchasing the product.

We have rebuilt and simplified their purchase funnel to improve the user experience, enabling them to quickly and easily find the product(s) and/or information they seek and making them feel more comfortable in each step of the process towards purchase.

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