Site Profiling: Character is Key

Building a website is no easy task. There are many steps involved, from choosing a domain name and server, to designing the site, to programming it. And not only building a website, but also refreshing and upgrading an existing website can be a task that seems fun and easy and ends in swearing. One of the most important steps that can make this experience pleasant, predictable, and even exciting is site profiling.

What is site profiling?

Before we get into the “small things,” let’s understand what site profiling is. It is a process of describing and planning the site, from the initial idea to the actual implementation. You ask yourself, “Why do we need this, let’s just build a site and that’s it!”

So, no, it’s not. Site profiling is an important process that can help us create a successful website that meets the needs of users and achieves our goals. Site profiling helps us understand the needs of users. Before we start building the site, it is important to understand what users want to achieve through it and, moreover, to increase the conversion of the business by building the right journey for the user. Site profiling takes into account a vast array of questions and answers them before a single user enters the site. The profiling process includes several steps:

  • Understanding the needs of users: What do users want to achieve through the site? What do they need from the site?
  • What is the process that will lead them – what is the customer or user journey?
  • Defining the goals of the site: What is the site supposed to achieve? What is it supposed to do? What conversion is supposed to occur and where?
  • Developing the design concept of the site: How should the site look? How should it feel? What should it give the target audience to feel?
  • Documenting the profiling: Collecting all the information collected in the profiling process and creating a document that specifies the site.

Who are the people involved in site profiling?

The right team for the task can be composed of people from various fields, such as marketing, who can outline the customer journey, or people with programming knowledge, but site profiling work is usually done by professionals in the field of UX/UI, or user experience and user interface design. These people have the knowledge and experience necessary to understand the needs of users, define the goals of the site, and develop an effective and convenient design concept. If you really want to go wild, combining UX/UI professionals with performance and programming professionals will create the perfect profile that covers everything. In the case of our company, our UX/UI experts are experts in customer experience that takes into account the entire customer journey, and they transfer the knowledge and work perfectly to programmers and developers for the correct implementation of the site or product.

How will you know if the work was done correctly?

A very good site profile is very easy to see and understand – it will simply answer the basic and basic questions. A good site profile is a profile that meets the following conditions:

  • A good site profile is based on understanding the needs of users. The profile should address the needs and wants of users and try to meet them in the best possible way.
  • A good site profile clearly defines the goals of the site. The profile should explain what the site is supposed to achieve and what its goals are.
  • A good site profile develops an effective and convenient design concept. The design of the site should be easy to understand and use, and it should contain all the information and most convenient actions.

Site profiling process – what should I expect as a customer?

Not infrequently, a customer comes to us who has had a bad experience with site profiling. We can identify him from a mile away, he doesn’t understand what he paid for, he doesn’t understand where what he wanted to happen and, most importantly, he himself doesn’t understand his site! More than anything, it is important for us to explain to him first of all that everything will be fine! Then we sit down and explain to him the site profiling process step by step, combining it with the work together with our team, because the site profiling process is a complex process that can take several weeks or months.

Every new customer or who has come to fix his experience and user experience goes through the same process with us to achieve a perfect understanding of the site and a profile that leaves nothing to chance.

  1. Understanding the needs of users: At this stage, our team interviews you to understand what you want users to want to achieve through the site. We will then refine your answers using various methods, such as interviews with users or potential users, surveys, or quantitative research.
  2. Defining the goals of the site: At this stage, the team creates a document that defines


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