The Answer is External QA Team!

Startups are young and dynamic companies that are often under constant pressure to innovate and bring new products to market quickly. However, as we all know, once a product is released, the complaints start to come in. That is why many startups have a QA department that is responsible for testing the product before it is released to market and sending it back for improvement if necessary. However, startups are typically young companies, and some are also small, so they often find it difficult to allocate internal resources to a strong and efficient QA team. Hiring a specialized company for an external QA team can provide startups with a number of significant advantages, including:

  • Time and cost savings: An external QA team can provide high-quality services in a short period of time and at a lower cost than setting up an internal QA team.
  • Access to professional experience and knowledge: An external QA team is typically composed of professionals with years of experience in the field. They can provide startups with access to the knowledge and experience needed to test their products comprehensively and thoroughly. QA professionals are skilled in specific tasks and scenarios, which makes work more efficient.
  • Objectivity: An external QA team is not involved in the development of the product, which allows it to provide an objective opinion on the quality of the product. The team will be able to provide unique insights from an outside perspective that you need.
  • Flexibility: An external QA team can adapt its services to the needs of the startup, including the scope of work, timelines, and budget.
  • Methodical work: A professional QA team does not just come and do tests “on the way.” The team has professional work protocols that have been compiled over years of work and experience, which are comprehensive and ready for any optional scenario.
  • Pre-planning of tests: In every profession, there are KPIs for the team. People tend to forget this in product testing, but a professional team builds a work plan with metrics and target metrics as part of the testing cycle.

The question arises, how will you integrate and operate together with the external QA team in the best way? We have prepared for you a number of simple examples in which you can assess the efficiency of the external team you hired.

How to operate the external QA team?

First of all, a new startup can use external QA services to test its initial product before launching it to market. This can help it to ensure that the product meets user requirements and is free of defects. In contrast, a startup that is working on a complex or innovative product can use external QA services to receive the guidance and instruction necessary to test the product effectively. And let’s say you have a great internal team, but sometimes there are internal changes in the team or in the product that require the expansion of its QA team quickly, a startup can use external QA services to complete the team. This can help it to ensure that its product is tested thoroughly, even if it is growing rapidly.

However, it is important to be honest and point out that hiring an external expert company for an external QA team is not suitable for all startups. Startups with limited internal resources can benefit from external QA services, but startups with strong internal resources may prefer to establish their own internal QA team. If you are wondering if your startup needs or is ready to work in conjunction with an external team, here are some things you need to check before:

  • Experience and knowledge: The company should offer extensive experience in the QA field, including experience in testing products in the field where the startup operates.
  • Reputation: The company should have a good reputation for providing high-quality QA services.
  • Flexibility: The company should be able to adapt its services to the needs of the startup.
  • Pricing: The pricing should be fair and reasonable.

By choosing a specialized company for an external QA team, startups can ensure that their products are tested thoroughly and efficiently, even if they are under constant pressure. Want to meet the QA team that will answer all your questions? Contact us!

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