Outsourcing development: Not what you thought

If you haven’t jumped on the outsourcing bandwagon in recent years, then you may not be familiar with the hot term in software, web, and app development: managed development teams.

Developing apps, systems, and software is a complex process that requires a lot of expertise and experience. Many companies choose to build an internal development team, but in today’s world, most companies that understand the need to be efficient outsource their development work to external experts.

How do companies develop?

If your company is still stuck in the old way of thinking about development, then you’re likely using one of the following options for app, system, and software development:

  • Internal development team: This is the most common option, where the company hires employees who are experts in development. An internal development team can offer many advantages, such as:
    • Full control over the process and results
    • Direct access to employees
    • Accurately tailored to the company’s needs

However, it can also be expensive and time-consuming to build and maintain an internal development team.

  • Freelancers: Companies can also hire freelancers to develop apps, systems, and software. Freelancers can offer many advantages, such as:
    • Greater flexibility
    • Lower costs

However, freelancers can come and go, and if they have a better project, they tend to disappear. Their commitment to you is not as high as a permanent salaried team.

  • Students or interns: Companies can also hire students or interns to develop apps, systems, and software. Students and interns can offer many advantages, such as:
    • Lower costs
    • Access to young and promising employees

However, you may find yourself with more bugs than work and more questions than answers. Once the student graduates, they may be looking for a different path.

Outsourcing: The perfect solution

Outsourcing, and we’re not talking about Fiverr, but rather a company that employs developers, programmers, and UI/UX professionals full-time, can be the perfect solution for your company, regardless of its size or the product you want to develop. Why? A managed development team can offer several significant advantages, such as:

  • Expertise and experience: A managed development team can provide a lot of expertise and experience in the field of development. Companies can use such a team to develop complex or innovative apps, systems, and software.
  • Flexibility: A managed development team can offer greater flexibility to companies. Companies can scale up or down the development team according to their changing needs.
  • Lower costs: A managed development team can offer lower costs to companies. Companies can save on salary costs, benefits, and training.

Where can you use such a team?

You can use such a team if:

  • You are a young startup that needs the support of experts and does not have the resources for an internal team.
  • You are a company developing a product – a platform or a one-time app, and you do not need a large team of developers afterwards.

What’s important to remember when you ask us to manage your development?

Sure, we’re great at what we do, but if you take two minutes to prepare yourself before our meeting, we can make your dreams come true:

  • Define clear requirements: The first step is to define clear requirements for the project. This will help the development team understand what the company expects of them. It is important to define the requirements in as much detail as possible, including business needs, technical features, and limitations.
  • Set deadlines: Set deadlines, taking into account the final budget you want to spend.
  • Effective project management: On our side, we have a wealth of experience that we would be happy to share with you on project management. However, it is also important from your side to manage the project effectively to ensure that it is completed successfully. This includes setting clear goals, tracking the progress of the project, and resolving issues as needed.
  • Effective communication: Effective communication is critical to the success of any project, especially when using a managed development team. So don’t be afraid to talk to us regularly so that we are always aligned on your requirements, we can show you the progress of the project, and we can bring to your attention any changes that may occur.


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